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General Settings ElegantThemes ePanel

ElegantThemes Review by a Long-Time ElegantThemes Member

My experience with ElegantThemes My ElegantThemes review is based on my direct experience using these WordPress themes (and plugin) as a long-time user and member. 4 Video Tutorials Check out the bottom of this ElegantThemes review for a 4 video tutorial series where I set up a blog with … [Read More...]

WP Lead Pro Theme Review

WP Lead Pro Theme Review [with VIDEO] – Lead Generation WordPress Theme

Lead generation is a great business model.  I do it for a few clients.  Specifically, I do local lead generation.  Hence, I'm excited about the development and release of WP Lead Pro theme. What is WP Lead Pro Theme? It's a WordPress theme designed specifically for capturing leads of real … [Read More...]

Local Lead Generation For Local Businesses & Internet Marketers

Local lead generation is becoming a popular way for internet marketers and local businesses to team up to help one another. This article is for both local businesses and online marketers looking to create a potentially lucrative online business helping local businesses. The fact is many local … [Read More...]

MyResume Theme

Résumé WordPress Themes, CV Themes & V-Card Themes Worth Using

Publishing a résumé, CV, or V-card online with a specific résumé WordPress theme can be a great idea if you're looking for a job. In fact, it's become such a popular practice, that there are several résumé WordPress themes available. Please note that this résumé WordPress themes article … [Read More...]

Custom Widget Areas Plugin Review [Video]: Put a Widget Zone Anywhere

I've been looking high and low for a plugin to do what the Custom Widget Areas plugin does. Yes, there's StudioPress Simple Sidebars widget, which is fantastic for creating custom sidebars.  However, I wanted to take the flexibility one step further with being able to create a widget zone and … [Read More...]

Backcountry child theme

Backcountry Child Theme Review [with VIDEO] – Business or Blog Website – You Pick?

Backcountry child theme by StudioPress is a versatile child in that it can be used for either a business website or a blog.  The reason it's versatile is the way the home page is laid out and the widget zones offered. Backcountry child theme operates on the Genesis Framework.  It has some nice … [Read More...]

Blogging for Business – A Twist on the Self-Promotional Blog Approach for Business

I'm a big proponent of businesses publishing blogs for business.  I'm not talking about solely self-promotional blogs. Instead, the business blog should provide great information that prospective customers want to read. Some argue that if you give away the farm (info-wise), prospective customers … [Read More...]

Animoto Review

Animoto Review by an Avid User: Pros and Cons (There are Several Cons)

I've been toying with different video creation software packages and platforms for years now.  I've never been terribly happy with anything except Camtasia (which I use primarily for screen capture videos). I've been looking for a web-based video service that is easy, fast and creates excellent … [Read More...]

WordPress vs. Wix HTML 5

WordPress vs. Wix HTML 5: Which One Should You Use?

I'll continue my Wix HTML 5 series with an analysis of the similarities, differences and recommendations when to use one or the other. When I refer to WordPress, I'm referring to the self-hosted version found at WordPress vs. Wix HTML 5 Open source software … [Read More...]

Wix HTML 5 Coupon Code and Discount Code Here

I'm pleased to offer an exclusive Wix HTML 5 website builder coupon / discount code. What's the Wix discount? 30% off a yearly subscription for the Wix Combo plan. What's the Wix Coupon Code? 1236221.  Click here for Wix and when you get a premium Wix Combo plan for one year, enter 1236221 when … [Read More...]

Wix HTML 5 Website Templates

Wix HTML 5 Website Templates – Plus My Favorites Listed Here

Ever since Wix rolled out their HTML 5 website building platform, I've been having rollicking fun toying around with this new website building playground. Wix HTML 5 is truly a website building playground.  The options are many for customizing the templates.  But the real fun starts with the … [Read More...]

Wix HTML 5 SEO Panel

Wix SEO: Do Wix Websites Ranking Well in the Search Engines?

I've always liked Wix.  I've spent many hours creating cool designs in the Wix Flash dashboard.  It's addictive because the flexibility and potential is pretty much unlimited.  More importantly, the graphics are awesome. However, the sticking point with Wix Flash, to a large degree, WAS search … [Read More...]

Wix HTML 5 Page Transitions – This is a Great Feature [VIDEO]

When I set up my first Wix HTML 5 website and started playing around with the Wix HTML 5 website editor, I didn't expect to find the Wix "page transitions" feature. What is the Wix Page Transitions Feature? Wix' page transitions is a feature that enables you to choose from several page transitions … [Read More...]

Wix HTML 5 Review

Wix HTML 5 Review – My Review [with Video] of the New Wix HTML 5 Version

On March 26, 2012 Wix launched an entirely new web-based website building platform that creates HTML 5 websites. Until this launch, Wix was a web-based Flash website builder.  Although popular (14 million plus websites built), a significant number of business owners and website designers avoided … [Read More...]

Foxy Theme for Coffee Shops

WordPress Themes for Coffee Shops, Cafes and Bistros

Before I get into my list of WordPress themes for coffee shops and bistros, I want to say that I believe a Facebook page is an excellent online marketing approach. I normally don't get too excited about Facebook, but I was in a coffee shop recently and noticed they promoted their Facebook page … [Read More...]