21 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes by Internet Marketing Strategy

If you’re an affiliate marketer, the WordPress theme or website platform can make a difference depending on the type your business model.

One thing I love about affiliate marketing is there are many effective methods that generate income.

The following are just some of the effective affiliate marketing techniques:

  • reviewing products and/or services,
  • rating products and/or services (either individually or comparing products within a niche),
  • recommend products to your following and visitors,
  • teach/inform about products (“how to?”, “why use?”, etc.), and
  • advertise products.

My favorite techniques are reviewing product and teaching about products.

Given the variety of affiliate marketing techniques, it follows that the type of website you build should cater to the affiliate marketing technique(s) you use.

For example, if you rate products, you may do the best with a theme or template designed to rate products. If you’re building a following through blogging, then you’ll want a basic blogging template (or theme). If you review many products across several niches, you may want a directory template. The point is you can improve your conversions with the right website template.

Since WordPress is so widely used among affiliate marketers (including me), the following are WordPress themes I view as appropriate according to the type of affiliate marketing technique you use.

WordPress Themes according affiliate marketing techniques

Landing Page Themes

Optimize Press

Optimize Press is a WordPress theme dedicated to creating websites specifically for:

  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze / Opt in pages
  • Sales pages
  • Membership websites
  • Product launches

It’s the internet marketer’s theme (along with Profits Theme – also an excellent landing page theme – see below).

>Click here to visit Optimize Press<

 My live Optimize Press Landing Page

Click to view my live Optimize Press Landing Page

Profits Theme

Profits Theme is much like Optimize Press.  Profits offers a better drag n’ drop design console for customizing landing pages; however, I prefer Optimize Press default designs/templates.

Like Optimize Press, Profits Theme creates:

  • Landing pages
  • Squeeze / Opt in pages
  • Sales pages
  • Membership websites
  • Product launches

It too is the internet marketer’s theme.

>Click here to visit Profits Theme<

 My live Profits Theme Landing PageClick to view my live Profits Theme landing page
Blogging Themes

Genesis Framework by StudioPress:

  • Dozens of child themes to choose from – most of which can be configured for a regular blog (ProBlogger and CopyBlogger use Genesis – but they are affiliated with StudioPress)
  • Parent and child theme configuration making it easy to switch child themes and update your theme.

>Click here to visit the Genesis Theme<

Genesis Framework

DIY Thesis

  • DIY Thesis is really a theme platform on which you build and design your website.
  • The out-of-the-box design is basic, but creating your own design is very easy to do (without knowing any coding).
  • This is a very popular theme with affiliate marketers.

>Click here to visit the DIY Thesis Theme<

DIY Thesis Theme

Flexx Theme by iThemes

  • Another popular blogging theme among affiliate marketers.
  • Ad ready.
  • Easy to customize graphics, header, and layout simply by clicking your mouse. Over 1,000 layout configurations.

>Click here to visit the Flexx Theme<

Flexx Theme by iThemes
Socrates Theme

  • Built by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers.
  • Ad / monetization ready.
  • Perfect for building a niche website fast with pre-loaded headers by niche.
  • 6 default color styles (along with a built-in color picker to create your own color scheme).

>Click here to visit the Socrates Theme<

Socrates Theme
WordPress Theme Builders
Themes you can fully customize and create many unique layouts throughout your website.
Builder Theme by iThemes

  • Build an unlimited number of layout configurations.
  • You can customize the layout for any page or post.
  • All customization done with drag and drop widget placement.
  • Operates on a parent and child theme framework.
  • You have total click-button control over style and design.

>Click to visit the Builder Theme<

Builder Theme by iThemes
Headway Themes

  • Like Builder Theme, you can create your own layouts for specific pages and posts.
  • You have complete “click-button” design control. No coding knowledge required.
  • Add different headers and logos in different sections of your website. This can be useful for broad-market affiliate marketing websites.

>Click to visit Headway Themes<

Headway Themes
Catalyst ThemeI also consider Catalyst a WordPress theme builder in the sense you can create custom layouts for pages and posts with no coding knowledge needed.Catalyst includes:

  • Unlimited widget section creation for custom layout design.
  • Easy-default layouts for fast website creation.
  • Create your own child themes and export those themes for use on other projects (this is a very nice feature).

>Click here to visit Catalyst Theme<

Catalyst Theme
Product Review WordPress Themes

InReview by ElegantThemes

I’m delighted ElegantThemes came out with a Product Review WordPress theme.  You can click here to view a live demo.

InReview uses the popular ePanel technology developed by ElegantThemes which makes customizing many aspects of your theme very easy to do.

InReview Theme includes:

  • Star rating images for products.
  • Automated thumbnail image resizing for product images.
  • 5 color schemes:  White, Black, Blue, Green, or Purple.
  • Price:  $39 which gives you access to ALL the themes developed by ElegantThemes.  That’s dozens of themes.

>Click here to visit the InReview Theme by ElegantThemes<

InReview theme by ElegantThemes

Product Review WordPress Theme

  • Designed specifically for reviewing and rating products.
  • You can use for single or multi-niche websites.
  • Built-in professional graphics such as “Buy now” buttons and the “star bar” rating images.
  • Your reviews by default are stylishly arranged with colored boxes and graphics.
  • Email autoresponder opt-in integration for all the prominent email autoresponder services.
  • Pre-loaded header designs (or upload a custom header).

>Click here to visit the Product Review WordPress Theme<

Product Review WordPress Theme
WordPress Review Theme

  • Also designed specifically for reviewing products and services.
  • Built-in graphics to give your review site a professional look.
  • The home page lays out excerpts of the products and services you review.
  • You can review products within one niche or multiple niches.
  • Slider featuring your best reviews above-the-fold on the home page.
  • Easy email autoresponder opt-in form integration.

>Click here to visit the WordPress Review Theme<

WordPress Review Theme

Digital Product / EBook Sales Theme

eBook by Templatic

  • If you aren’t keen about using the typical sales page for your digital product, consider the eBook theme by Templatic.
  • Stylishly feature your digital product on the home page.
  • Easy-to-navigate website.

>Click here to the visit eBook Theme<

eBook Theme by Templatic
MyProduct theme by ElegantThemes

  • Easy to use ePanel for configuring layout and color scheme.
  • Very crisp graphics (common with most themes by ElegantThemes).
  • Your purchase gives you access to all themes developed by ElegantThemes (dozens of themes).

>Click here to visit the MyProduct Theme<

MyProduct Theme by ElegantThemes
Directory Website WordPress Theme
Listings Theme by WooThemes

  • This is without a doubt the best directory website WordPress theme available. Why? Because it enables multi-variable searches.
  • Most directory WordPress themes require visitors to drill down into categories. Not so with the Listings Theme. You can create multiple search variables which then produce the narrowed results. This is a true directory software theme.

>Click here to visit WooTheme<

Listing Theme by Woo Themes
Magazine and News WordPress Themes
Magazine Theme by StudioPress

  • You can configure your Featured Posts in a number of ways on your home page and sidebar.
  • You can create custom sidebars with the free “simple sidebars” plugin for Genesis.
  • Is a child theme that operates on the Genesis Framework.
  • Easily customizable.
  • Very sleek “out-of-the-box.”

>Click here to visit the Magazine Theme<

Magazine Theme
Bold News by WooThemes

  • Scrolling Featured Posts above-the-fold in a slider.
  • Featured Posts capability on the home page.
  • Create custom sidebars.
  • Custom shortcodes.
  • Custom typography.
  • Huge menu navigation flexibility.
  • Easy to customize both design and layout.

>Click here to visit WooThemes<

Bold News Theme by Woo Themes
Lifestyle Theme by StudioPress

  • This magazine-style theme is definitely ready-to-go “as-is” – but also not difficult to customize.
  • You can create custom sidebars with the “simple sidebars” plugin (free).
  • An incredible number of menu navigation options. This is important for magazine and news style websites with multiple categories and topics.

>Click here to visit the Lifestyle Theme<

Lifestyle Theme
Bold by ElegantThemes

  • Easy customization with the ElegantThemes ePanel (no coding knowledge needed).
  • Classic “news” look “out-of-the-box.”
  • Create Featured Posts on the home page (all configuration done in the easy-to-use ePanel.
  • When you buy this theme you get access to all of the themes created by ElegantThemes.

>Click here to visit the Bold Theme<

Bold Theme by ElegantThemes

News Theme by StudioPress

  • Three above-the-fold menu bars which you can customize by category, page, and/or post. You have full control over the links in your menu bars.
  • Tabber section above-the-fold where you can feature your best articles.
  • Featured Posts sections (as many as you like) on the home page.
  • Is a child theme that operates on the Genesis Framework.

>Click here to visit the News Theme<

News Theme
Article Directory WordPress Theme
Article Directory Theme by Templatic

  • Create your own article directory in WordPress.
  • Has a simple article submission page.
  • Author spotlight feature.
  • Multiple color schemes to choose from.

>Click here to view a demo<

 Article Direcotry WordPress theme

Why not just use a free theme?

Great question. I used to use free themes, but became tired of the limitations. In my view, the innovation with premium theme developers is far beyond the offerings of free themes. Moreover, read this article to learn about potential hazards of using a free theme.

Premium Theme Buying Tip

Be sure to read the license. Some themes have different pricing packages depending on the number of concurrent websites on which a theme is used. For example, some themes charge more money if you wish to use a theme on more than one domain name). I tend to prefer an unlimited use license. After all, we affiliate marketers tend to build more than one website.


  1. David says:

    Thank you for the in depth reviews and video access. I have ET, using them for a deals and coupons website, and just started a directory site backlinksthatmatter – it is getting page 1/position 1 ranking on google for the popular search term, backlinks that matter. Two questions, do you think DirectoryPress is a more robust directory theme than Elist from ET? It looks to offer more according to the demos I have seen. I like the different priced packages and ease of letting the customer submit their own listing.

    Also, I have been getting good traffic on the site, even know it is early build stage. Should I put up a splash screen, under maintenance, be back April 20 or such?….or is it better to let it be and put the word under maintenance more prominently on Top. I don’t want to effect my good ranking? Open and appreciate any ideas.
    David recently posted..Backlinks That MatterMy Profile

    • Jon says:

      Hi David,

      I’m not nearly as familiar with DirectoryPress as I am with eList. From my preliminary glance at DP, it’s comparable to eList in how it functions (categories, taxonomies, etc.). I think you’re good to go with either. I’ve been meaning to test DP and if I do, I’ll write a full review.

      Keep the site up as-is. This way people that find your site can add listings. I’d get your privacy and terms and conditions pages up ASAP.

      Hope this helps.

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