DeepFocus WordPress Theme Review by an ElegantThemes Member

There are not many lists of WordPress themes I recommend for specific businesses on this website on which I don’t include the DeepFocus WordPress theme by ElegantThemes.

DeepFocus themes is one of my favorite theme developers (read my in-depth ElegantThemes review to see the good and bad about ET).

What do I like about the DeepFocus WordPress theme?

Its clean yet subtle textures elevate it from a decent-looking theme to one of the most beautiful themes available.

It has multiple uses

DeepFocus can be used for the following type of websites:

  • Business website
  • Portfolio website
  • Blog (simply drop the home page and have blog posts display on the home page)
  • Photography website

DeepFocus is one of the most popular themes by Elegantthemes

Its diversity, flexibility and stunning appearance make it an incredibly popular theme choice for business owners, freelancers and bloggers.  I know it’s extremely popular because the support forum in ElegantThemes has tons of topics (more than 4,000) and more than 29,000 posts.  These numbers are off the charts in relation to most other themes sold by ElegantThemes.

Moreover, ElegantThemes is one of the most popular premium theme developers with over 100,000 members.

I also have many readers of this blog interested in the DeepFocus theme.

DeepFocus goes against my usual tastes, but I still love it

I’m usually not enamoured with dark themes.  However, although DeepFocus is a darkish theme, I still love it.  It doesn’t have a gothic appearance to it.  It’s vibrant and has a lightness to it despite the dark color-scheme.

Deep Focus Theme Video Review (Front End and Back End)

You get the usual ElegantThemes features

ElegantThemes includes several features with their themes including:


ePanel for site-wide customization (drag and drop technology).  Watch my ePanel video:

Built-In Shortcodes

ElegantThemes is a theme developer that makes spectacular use of shortcodes built into the theme and code.  Shortcodes are easy-to-use text you insert anywhere in the theme which will result in a particular graphic display.  It’s this technology that enables you to create graphically stunning themes.

Read my ElegantThemes review to check out screenshots of all the shortcode graphic options.

SEO Panel

Actually, I don’t like the ElegantThemes SEO panel.  For sites on which I use ElegantThemes, I use the All In One SEO plugin instead of the ElegantThemes SEO panels.  I’m not saying the ET SEO panel doesn’t work – I simply prefer the All In One SEO plugin.

5 Color Schemes

If you don’t like the default color-scheme, you can choose from 4 others:

  • Wooden,
  • Stone,
  • Green or
  • Noise

6 Page Templates / Layouts

  • 2-Column
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Full-width
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio

Responsive Theme (updated April 24, 2012)

Deep Focus is now a responsive theme.  This means the theme will display optimally for different screen sizes such as mobile devices and iPads.

DeepFocus Review Dissection Screenshot

Take a look at the home page features (explaining why this theme can be used for many purposes):

DeepFocus Theme Support

Like I said above, the DeepFocus support forum is one of the most active support forums among all of ElegantThemes’ highly active support forum.  With over 4,000 questions/topics posted, there’s a wealth of help available to you to install, maintain, customize, and build your website.


I doubt anyone has ever complained about the price for entry into the ElegantThemes’ membership.  For $39 you not only get the DeepFocus theme, but you get access for 1 year to ALL of the themes by ElegantThemes. A developers’ license costs $89 (ET is a must-have membership for any website developer who builds websites for a living).

Bonus plugins with an ElegantThemes membership

You also get access to their very useful plugins such as Handheld (read my Handheld review) for creating a mobile version of your website and Anticipate plugin (read my Anticipate article) which puts up a “coming soon” notice on your domain while you build your website.

My DeepFocus Review Conclusion

I recommend this theme.  I recommend ElegantThemes.  They produce outstanding themes.  I’ve been a member for several years and never regretted paying for my membership or renewing it each year.

>>Click here to get your ElegantThemes membership<<

DeepFocus WordPress Theme Review by an ElegantThemes Member0Jon2012-03-13 16:02:58There are not many lists of WordPress themes I recommend for specific businesses on this website on which I don’t include the DeepFocus WordPress them…
ElegantThemesDeepFocus WordPress Theme Review by an ElegantThemes MemberThere are not many lists of WordPress themes I recommend for specific businesses on this website on which I don’t include the DeepFocus WordPress them…

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