How to Get Free Online Divorce Papers, Forms, Documents & Templates

Free is good.  Especially when dealing with legal matters such as getting a divorce.  However, everywhere you turn online when looking for free online divorce papers, forms, documents and/or templates, you’re asked to pay a little or a lot of money without getting a chance to sample the goods.

Those days are over with Rocket Lawyer (click here for Rocket Lawyer discounts and deals).  Rocket Lawyer gives you unfettered access to its robust divorce paper, form, and document library for free.  You can enjoy the free access for 7 days.  And yes, during your 7 day free access to Rocket Lawyer you can actually use the documents, papers, and forms.

Rocket Lawyer is more than just a document warehouse

Online legal document warehouses have been around for years.  They’re not ideal because you never know if the documents are up-to-date because it’s just a warehouse.  More importantly, they offer no oversight or guidance to completing the documents.

Rocket Lawyer solves the oversight issue by offering “attorney-review” on the divorce papers (and other documents) you complete.  This is unique.  But the attorney-review does cost money.  You need to be a paid annual member which costs $9.99 per month if you pay 12 months in advance.  You can get an attorney review of your divorce papers on the month-to-month plan after being a member for 3 months.

Speak with an attorney

A paid annual membership includes telephone consultations with a local attorney in the Rocket Lawyer attorney network.

What kinds of documents do you gain access to with Rocket Lawyer?

Click here to view the extensive list of personal legal documents.  The list includes many divorce papers, forms, documents and templates you may need in order to complete your divorce on your own.  Your membership gives you access to ALL the personal legal documents such as:

  • Divorce papers, including documents dealing with child support and separation agreements,
  • Wills of all types,
  • Power of Attorney templates,
  • Living Wills,
  • personal finance documents,
  • Estate Administration forms and papers,
  • Real Estate documents and contracts,

plus much more.

Putting the Rocket Lawyer cost into perspective

You can be a member on the month-to-month plan ($19.95 / mo.) or pay for 12 months in advance at $9.99 per month.  But, you don’t only get access to divorce papers, forms, documents and templates.  You get access to every personal legal document in Rocket Lawyer’s robust document library.

Moreover, if you pay for an annual membership, you get unlimited attorney review PLUS you can talk on the telephone with a local attorney in the Rocket Lawyer attorney network.

What if you decide to hire an attorney?

Rocket Lawyer can help.  Your paid annual membership gives you access to local attorneys in the Rocket Lawyer attorney network at 40 percent off their standard billing rates.  A year’s membership will pay for itself with just a few hours of hiring a lawyer.

What Rocket Lawyer doesn’t do?

They don’t complete your divorce papers for you.  That’s a different service altogether, which is called an online divorce service.  Instead, with Rocket Lawyer, you complete the documents and then have a Rocket Lawyer attorney review them.  You can also book a telephone consultation with an attorney for legal advice (with a paid annual membership or after 3 months on the month-to-month plan).

That said, you Rocket Lawyer keeps you on track with their “Personalized Next Steps” service.  This includes customized step-by-step guidance on what to do with your legal documents, such as your divorce papers and your divorce process.  You access a calendar which gives you reminders of important deadlines so you navigate your divorce and other legal matters in a timely manner.

Is Rocket Lawyer legitimate?

Rocket Lawyer is here to stay.  In fact, Google Ventures is part of a group of investors investing $18.5 million into Rocket Lawyer.  The fact investors are investing money into Rocket Lawyer doesn’t make Rocket Lawyer legitimate, but generally it’s a sign of stability, growth, and sustainability.

With additional funding, Rocket Lawyer will have the resources to ramp up their services and build a stronger attorney network which results in constantly improved customer service.

How long must you remain a Rocket Lawyer member?

It depends.  If you pay in advance for 12 months, you’re committed to 12 months.  If you opt for the month-to-month plan, you can quit any time; however, you don’t get your money back for months already paid.

How do you get the free divorce papers, documents, forms, and templates?

It’s easy.  Sign up for a free 7 day account and check out the documents.  You can use the divorce papers and other legal documents during your free trial.

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If you reside in British Columbia, consider talking to a BC family lawyer.


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