Genesis Theme User Profile Widget – This is Fantastic for Website Conversion

In my article “Tips for Business Website Conversion: Based On a Real-Life Business Site” I set out several very simple techniques and features I added to my business websites which dramatically improved my conversion rate (rate of website visitors who contact me).

One free and extremely simple step I took was adding a profile photograph of me with a brief bio write-up on every page of my site (in the sidebar).

My business websites operate on the Genesis Framework by StudioPress. Had it not been so simple to add a profile photo on every page with a brief write-up, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. I’m certain I would have missed out on some new customers.

I don’t mean to say I’m some great looking guy – because I’m not. I did, however, choose a professional-looking photo. I credit the improved conversion rate to the simple fact that now there is a personal touch to my sites.

Business websites often seem sterile and void of personality. Simply adding a profile photo gave my business sites personality.

3 Easy Steps for Adding a Profile Photo in the Genesis Framework on WordPress

Step 1: Insert your e-mail address affiliated with your website in your User panel (I use the default “admin” user):

User Profile Set up In Genesis Theme

Step 2: Open an account and upload your chosen photo at Be sure to use the same e-mail in Gravatar as the e-mail you used in your WordPress User panel.

WordPress and integrate so the photo you upload into will be pulled into your Website.

Step 3: Place and configure your User Profile in the widget page. The Genesis User Profile is managed as a widget – which means you can place it anywhere.

User Profile Widget in Genesis Theme

Then configure your User Profile Widget as you wish. Here are your configuration options within the Genesis – User Profile widget.

Genesis User-Profile Widget

Sample Gensis User-Profile Result (Streamline Theme)

Example of the Genesis User Profile

How to place your User Profile below every post in Genesis

In Genesis, you can also opt to have your User-Profile show up below every post. Here’s how:

Genesis Theme User Profile in every Post

If you would like to learn more about the Genesis Framework, read my comprehensive Genesis Framework review.

If you would like to visit StudioPress to see their themes, click here.

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