How Do I Build a WordPress Theme Without Knowing Any Code?

Many people ask “how do I build a WordPress theme without knowing any code?” The answer is: it’s impossible.

However, what I think what’s really being asked is “how do I design a theme without knowing any code?” Fortunately these days, the answer to that question is simple. You get what I call a “WordPress website builder.”

A WordPress website builder is a WordPress theme that enables you to build and design your website from the ground up. Traditionally (and still) one buys a designed theme. You may or may not revise it. Many themes look great “as-is.”

However, what often happens is after getting a theme installed and a website going, the publisher inevitably wants to make some serious changes – often in the layout, functionality, and/or navigation.

With traditional WordPress themes it’s not so easy to alter the layout such as adding widget sections, changing the home page layout, creating page templates, etc. In order to do this, you would need to know PHP, HTML, and CSS. Not so anymore.

Introducing (actually they’ve been out a little while) three of the better WordPress website builders:

All three of these WordPress themes (still called themes) make it very easy for you to change not only the design (color, typography, etc.) but also the layout of the home page and inner pages. You can add custom sidebars, create widget areas, and even create different layouts for different pages – all without knowing any code.

I’m thrilled these WordPress theme developers are offering these types of themes. Sure, you won’t need to build from scratch using such a builder for every website. It’s still faster finding a theme you like “as-is” and simply installing it. However, if you have a project that requires some serious customized layouts, then getting Headway, Builder, or DIY Thesis can save you a lot of time and headaches.

If you’re a website designer and you build websites for clients in WordPress, you could probably speed up your production time with any of these themes. I recommend getting just one and becoming expert with the one. Once you know every detail about building and customizing a website with one of these theme builders, you can create customized websites in WordPress very, very fast.

Check out the videos for each of these themes:

Headway Themes

Click here to visit Headway Themes

Builder Theme

Click here to visit Builder theme by iThemes

DIY Thesis

Click here to visit DIY Theme

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