Non-Blog WordPress Themes – Beautiful Themes With No Blog-Look

I can relate to your desire and possibly need to find non-blog WordPress Themes.  I’ve built many WordPress websites where I didn’t want the blog-look.

It’s ironic wanting a non-blog style WordPress theme given WordPress was and is a blogging platform.  That said, in recent years, many (and I’m talking about many) non-blog WordPress themes have become available.

WordPress is my preferred website-building platform now whether I want a blog-style website or a non-blog style website.

What are non-blog WordPress themes?

Most non-blog WordPress themes are business-style website themes.  The demand for non-blog WordPress themes is HUGE and growing.  Many theme developers produce just as many, if not more, non-blog style themes as they do blog-style themes.  This is great for people like me who build more non-blog style websites than blog-style websites.

Other types of non-blog WordPress themes include:

There are WordPress themes that can create all of these types of websites.

Main Feature of a non-blog WordPress theme

Static home page

This is the most important feature of a non-blog WordPress theme website.  Blogs have dynamic or changing front pages.  New posts are featured at the top of the front page pushing older posts down the front page and ultimately into archives.

A non-blog WordPress theme provides a static home page that contains the same content regardless of the new content published.

Static home pages vary widely in design; however, a common feature is a slide show or slider featured above-the fold on the home page.  I love this design for business websites.  I love it because customers tell me the site looks fantastic … it’s dynamic in that different images appear … but static in that the other content remains the same.

Example of a slider / slide show home page – check it out (the blue boxes are inserted by me to explain the different sections of the Associate theme by StudioPress):

non blog wordpress theme

Brief explanation of the above static home page WordPress theme

The home page is designed with a slide show at the top and a series of widget zones down the page.  The widget zones are where you input content (text, images, and/or videos).  This content stays on the home page.

Moreover, you don’t have to use every widget zone.  If you leave it empty, it won’t display on the home page.

Hybrid blog and static home page

Any static home page WordPress theme that uses widget zones offers the opportunity to create a hybrid blog home page.  What’s this?  You can have both static content and create a section where you list featured and/or recent blog posts.  This way you home page appears as a static home page yet presents your blog with dynamic content in one or two sections of the home page.

Most of my business websites use a hybrid blog and static home page.  The bulk of the content is static; however, I use one widget zone for listing recent blog posts.

Non-blog WordPress Themes don’t mean you can’t have a blog

In fact, I strongly recommend that you incorporate a blog on a static home page website.  WordPress makes it incredibly easy to add a blog.  You can configure your site so your blog is in the background with a simple link to “Blog” on your top horizontal navigation menu bar and/or your sidebar menu.

Why is having a blog, even in the background, good for static home page websites (i.e. non-blog websites)?

Because in my experience blogs with consistently added content is great for search engine optimization.  Each blog post can target a keyword which can attract more traffic to your website.  If you have only 5 pages on your site, you can only realistically target 5 to 15 keywords (I typically target 1 keyword per webpage, but targeting up to 3 is possible).  If you have a blog with 50 blog posts, you can target 50 to 150 more keywords on your website.  That provides you a huge opportunity for attracting much more traffic.

Don’t worry, having a blog on your non-blog website doesn’t mean your website will look like a blog.  It simply means you’ll have a blog in the background making it easy to add plenty of high quality content for your visitors (and to attract visitors).

Some of my favorite non-blog WordPress themes are as follows:

1. Enterprise Theme by StudioPress

Enterprise theme for non-blog WordPress themes

FYI: I use Enterprise for my offline business websites. I love it!

Click here to view Enterprise Demo

2. Deep Focus Theme by ElegantThemes

Deep Focus WP theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to view Deep Focus demo

3. Biznizz Theme by Woo Themes

Biznizz theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to visit WooThemes

4. Metric Theme by StudioPress

Metric WordPress theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click to view Metric demo

5. Professional Theme by ElegantThemes

Professional Theme for business websites

Click to view Professional demo

6. Optimize Theme by Woo Themes

Optimize WordPress theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click to visit WooThemes

7. Architect Theme by iThemes

Architect Theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Don’t let the name of Architect theme fool you. Although good for architects, it’s also a great WordPress theme as a non-blog style website.

Click here to view Architect demo

8. Kinetic Theme by RocketTheme

Kinetic WordPress theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to view Kinetic demo

9. Manhattan Theme by StudioPress

Manhattan WordPress theme for business websites

Click here to view Manhattan demo

10. Delegate Theme by Woo Themes

Delegate Theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to visit WooThemes

11. Associate by StudioPress

WordPress themes for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to view a demo of Associate theme.

12. Amplifier Theme at ThemeForest

Amplifier non-blog WordPress themes


You can remove the purchase button. I like this theme because it’s simple, clean and has a nice “Services” on the home page.

Click here to view a demo of the Amplifier theme.

14. Minimum Theme by StudioPress

Minimum Theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Another minimum theme that can easily be dressed up or kept as a minimalist theme.

Click here to view a demo of Minimum theme.

15. Consultant Theme by Templatic

Consultant WordPress Theme for business websites

Click here to view a demo of the Consultant theme.

16. Horizons Theme by Viva Themes

Horizons WP Theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here for a demo of Horizons theme.

17. The Firm by Obox Themes

The Firm Theme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to view a demo of The Firm theme.

18. Mandrake theme at Mojo Themes

Mandrake WP theme for non-blog WordPress themes

You can remove the “Buy Now” button. The slideshow transitions are great on this theme.

Click here to view a demo of Mandrake theme.

19. Firma Theme by Bizz Themes

FirmaTheme for non-blog WordPress themes

Click here to view a demo of Firma Theme.

20. Business WordPress Themes at TemplateMonster

Get a 10% discount through this link to Template Monster.

What if you don’t like any of the above business WordPress themes?

The above list, although fairly long, includes only a tiny fraction of all the non-blog WordPress themes on the market.  Continue searching online.  The above WordPress theme developers are good and most offer more non-blog WordPress themes than the ones I list above.

Alternatively, you could put on your design cap and get a WordPress theme framework that makes it easy to design your own non-blog style website using built-in drag n’ drop technology.

Easy design WordPress theme frameworks are as follows:

  1. Builder by iThemes (my Builder theme review)
  2. Catalyst Theme (my Catalyst theme review)
  3. Headway Themes (my Headway Themes article)
  4. DIY Thesis
  5. Artisteer (my Artisteer review).

The sky is the limit with WordPress

I’ve been a WordPress user for a few years.  It’s the first website building platform I’ve stuck with for the long-term.  I’ve tried many platforms, and still use other platforms for some projects, but WordPress is my main website building platform for my sites and my client websites.

WordPress, along with the many skilled and feature-rich theme developers provide pretty much anyone the tools to create fantastic non-blog WordPress websites.

Best of both worlds

The trouble with some static website platform software is the blogging technology included is not nearly as powerful and feature-rich as WordPress.  Yet, with WordPress, you don’t give up the opportunity to create a fantastic static home page and non-blog style websites.

I hope the above non-blog WordPress themes inspire you with your decision making and more importantly inspire you to give WordPress a try to create a non-blog style website.

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