Product Review Template Options: 2 Product Review Templates Compared Here

Publishing review websites can generate a decent income.  There really isn’t one way to go about publishing a review website.  Actually I set out 4 review website strategies here.

One common consideration aspiring review website publishers have is choosing a product review template to use.

Before I get any further, I must clarify what I mean in this article by a product review template.  I’m referring to a WordPress theme that has features and design elements specifically for a product review template.

IF YOU WERE LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ABOUT A TEMPLATE FOR WRITING ACTUAL REVIEWS, then read my article “How to Write a Product Review – Product Review Template Revealed.”

There are a fair number of product review templates available. I haven’t tried every single one on the market.

However, I’ve used 2 product review templates for WordPress.   They are:

Rather than go into the details for both product review templates here, I’ll direct you to my respective reviews:

PRWT vs. InReview

Features Product Review WordPress Theme (PRWT) InReview by ElegantThemes
Image Star Ratings Yes Yes
Built-In Feature / Ratings table Yes.  In fact this is a really nice feature of PRWT. Yes, but not as robust as PRWT.
Blog Capability No.  But you can add articles as pages. Yes
Multi-Niche & Single Niche options? Yes.  In fact, this theme can layout many product-line comparison tables on the home page for easy navigation. Yes, but it’s not as intuitive or as nicely laid out as it is with PRWT.
Comparion Table (list the top 10 products in a product-line in a chart) Yes.  Again, this is an outstanding feature of the PRWT.  The comparison charts form automatically from your review posts.  Your reviews work together to create striking comparison tables. Yes, but again the tables aren’t as sophisticated as those found on PRWT.
Multiple Color Schemes Yes (many) Yes (5)
Call-to-Action buttons Yes Yes.  I have to tip my hat to InReview for the nicer button graphics.
Ease of Customization Difficult to customize.  The PRWT theme is a complex theme that is pre-built to display your reviews in a particular format.  Of course, it’s this more complex design that makes creating professional-looking product review sites so easy. Very easy.  ElegantThemes, with the ePanel, is easy to customize the layout, navigation, and format of your website.  If you’re looking for more flexibility with respect to customization, then go with InReview.
Built-in Optin boxes Yes.  It’s a stylishly designed opt-in box in the sidebar for building a list. No.  Simply place your autoresponder code in the location where you wish your opt in form to appear.
Cloaked Affiliate Links Built-In Yes No
Formatted Reviews Yes.  Reviews are formatted into 3 sections: (1) the feature / ratings boxes, (2) the body of the review, and (3) the conclusion. No
Support The support for PRWT is NOT good.  There are some video tutorials, but no forum and ticket support is less than optimal.  That said, the theme is quite easy to use so support isn’t critical. Excellent support.  ElegantThemes has a vibrant support forum.
Price $97 $39 (includes access to 65 plus themes developed by ElegantThemes).

Which product review template do I prefer?

Overall, I like the Product Review WordPress Theme.  It’s biggest weakness is the inability to add a blog (due to the way the reviews are formatted using blog posts).  PRWT is a more advanced theme and offers more features and a nicer design.

In fact, the overall design and how the reviews are displayed make this the best product review theme or template available.

If you prefer having more control and flexibility and a blog, then I recommend InReview.

For more information about these themes:

NOTE: Just because you use a product review theme doesn’t mean you’ll build a profitable review website.

I publish a few profitable reivew websites and explain exactly what I do in my Definitive Guide to Affiliate Review Websites here.

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