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Product Review WordPress ThemeThis article is all about what I consider to presently be one of the best product review WordPress theme for product review websites. It’s aptly called “Product Review WordPress Theme.”

I realize I’m not using the Product Review WordPress Theme for this site, which is largely a review website – but in many ways I wish I could. The reason I don’t use the Product Review WordPress Theme for this site is this site is I started this site well before the Product Review WordPress Theme was released.  Switching, especially a site this big, would be too difficult and time-consuming.

So, yes, I appreciate the irony of a review website not using a review theme the very review site recommends.

Are product review websites worth building?

Obviously I think so. I love writing about the niches I’m in and sharing with my readers products and services I really like. I prefer the “inform and educate” approach. I do recommend you choose products that are both profitable and are something you’re interested in (i.e. use). My best sales come from the reviews of products and services I use extensively and know inside and out. One in-depth, well-written review can out-earn dozens of poorly written reviews (assuming traffic is equal).

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Okay, what types of review sites should be built with the Product Review WordPress Theme?

In a nutshell, if you’re reviewing a line of products within a niche and wish to rate them (with the usual 1 to 5 star bar), then the Product Review WP Theme is perfect for you. Even if you’re reviewing and rating multiple RELATED niches (as I am on another site I publish and am using this review theme), then this review theme is perfect. In fact, in many ways I wish this review theme would work for this site because I love the built-in graphics and review layouts. You don’t have to spend time messing around with uploading graphics and laying out your reviews. The professional graphics and layouts are built into the theme.

Examples of niches perfect for this theme:

  • Choose any product line in Amazon (upright vacuums, bookshelves, blenders, camping lanters, etc.)
  • Any line of services such as SEO services, make money online courses and Ebooks, etc.

Essentially, any niche that has more than 1 product or service which you want to rate is ideally suited for this theme.

Features & Benefits of the Product Review WP Theme

Build Review Sites Fast
  • This theme is set up so your reviews are laid out on the home page with professional button and ratings graphics automatically. You don’t need to mess around with graphic images. The theme comes with built-in images to give your reviews a professional look.
  • This theme automatically orders your recommendations by ratings on the home page. From the home page your visitors can then click into the full reviews. You simply set your ratings in the dashboard and the theme orders your reviews accordingly.
  • Your affiliate links automatically attach to the “buy now” buttons. You configure these links in the panel.
  • You can automatically cloak your affiliate links.
Professional Looking Design and Layout
You can look like a professional reviewer with the theme “as-is”. Here’s a screenshot of the theme (Click to enlarge image):Wordpress Product Review Theme

  • Notice the graphics and effective organization of reviews on the home page. Your top rated product out of the product line you’re reviewing sits above-the-fold on the home page.
  • Each product review is individually boxed so visitors can easily distinguish the products being reviewed.
Single Niche & Multi Niche Review and Ratings Sites You can create a single or multi-niche review site. Check it out (click to enlarge image):Product Review WordPress Theme
Easy Header Customization You can upload (within the dashboard) a logo and then choose a pre-set background OR upload a fully customized header. Your choice.
Seamless Opt-In Form Integration This theme is designed to include a seamlessly integrated opt-in form in the sidebar so you can build your list while earning affiliate commissions. The pre-configured opt-in box integrates with AWeber, iContact, Get Response, 1ShoppingCart, InfusionSoft, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, and Constant Contact.
Professional Graphics
  • Take a look at the ratings stars and tables for listing features and ratings. You can present a nice synopsis of your reviews for your readers with a button linking to your full review.
  • The top right of the sidebar lists your products in order of your ratings. This gives your readers a quick and convenient way to compare the products in your product line.
  • Eye-catching “call-to-action’ buttons. Check it out (click to enlarge image):

Product Theme Review Theme

Automatic Link Cloaking When you input your affiliate links for each review, you can have the theme automaically cloak your links.
State Your Preference You can have a stylish “Best” graphic attach to your product recommendation. If you prefer not to state a preference, you can opt to turn this feature off.
Visitor-Friendly Navigation The Product Review WordPress Theme splits up the menus into 3:

  1. At the top for your About and Contact pages;
  2. On the sidebar where you can present articles relevant to your niche (and great for SEO); and
  3. In the footer for Privacy and Terms and Conditions pages.

This splitting of the menus focuses your visitors on your reviews and pre-selling articles.

You’re not stuck with these pages. You can customize which page go where.

Built-In SEO Panel You can configure your on-site SEO in the dashboard site wide and for individual posts and pages.
Money Back Guarantee You can request your money back within 60 days.

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How to structure your actual reviews

If you’re looking for ideas on how to write effective reviews, you can get my free “Definitive Guide to Affiliate Review Websites” which includes a review blueprint, access to one of my highest earning reviews, plus much more.  Click here to learn more and get this free guide.

A Word About Migrating an Existing Theme to the Product WordPress Review Theme

My first effort with this review theme is migrating a large existing review website to it. It’s a lot of work and took some planning.

Yet, I’m pleased I’m making the effort. My review site is looking much, much better. It’s graphics and navigation is much improved.

However, I did have to plan it out carefully. I endeavored to do it as quickly as possible. Therefore, to make the transition easier and faster, I used some WordPress plugins to help out. These plugins are as follows (if you’re migrating from an existing theme – not building a site from scratch):

  • P2P converter: to convert posts to pages if you have non-review posts. The Product Review WordPress Theme is configured to display reviews as posts. So, if you have many non-review articles (as I did), then the P2P converter makes it a snap to convert posts to pages.
  • Batch Cat plugin: This review theme also requires certain categories. If you need to change many categories, this plugin makes it a breeze to change many posts’ categories quickly.
  • Dean’s Permalinks Migration: When you change posts to pages, your URL may change (depending on the permalinks structure you had). This plugin redirects inbound links to your new page URLs if they change (I didn’t need this because my new pages’ URLs from existing posts remained the same).
  • SEO Data Transporter: If your existing site is using a theme with built-in SEO (as mine did) and you don’t want to have to go back into each post when removing the theme and inputting all the SEO meta data, get this plugin. It works for several theme platforms. The Product Review WP theme has an SEO plugin, but I decided not to use and instead transported SEO meta data to All In One SEO Plugin to save me a boatload of time re-entering all the SEO meta data.

These plugins may or may not help. When you plan your migration, take a look at each plugin to see if you’ll need them.

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