Wix SEO: Do Wix Websites Ranking Well in the Search Engines?

I’ve always liked Wix.  I’ve spent many hours creating cool designs in the Wix Flash dashboard.  It’s addictive because the flexibility and potential is pretty much unlimited.  More importantly, the graphics are awesome.

However, the sticking point with Wix Flash, to a large degree, WAS search engine optimization.  Because Wix WAS Flash only, the sites didn’t rank terribly well unless you used the HTML module in every page … and even then Flash has SEO limitations.

But now, Wix SEO is TOTALLY different.

On March 26, 2012 Wix rolled out an online website builder that creates HTML 5 websites.  HTML 5 is the latest website language that is super dynamic, crisp and highly functional.  HTML 5 is like a marriage between HTML and Flash (although not quite as pretty as Flash, but it doesn’t have any of the Flash limitations such as SEO issues and website loading delays).

Did Wix drop its Flash platform?

No.  When you open a free Wix account, you have the option to build either a Flash website or an HTML 5 website.  Unless you don’t care about SEO or loading times, I recommend Wix HTML 5.

Every Wix HTML 5 web page has meta SEO options

With Wix HTML 5 you can input the usual SEO meta information (meta title, description and keywords).  Inputting this information communicates to the search engines what the web page is about.

The following is the Wix HTML 5 SEO panel:

Wix HTML 5 SEO Panel

I tested Wix HTML 5 to ensure it’s SEO friendly

Yesterday I created a prototype Wix HTML 5 website and published it.  I tested the “view source” code to ensure that the necessary SEO elements were on the web pages.  They were.  It’s a huge step forward for Wix.

In my Wix HTML 5 review I include a video highlighting the basic Wix HTML 5 platform including the SEO options.

Is Wix HTML 5 worth trying?

Yes.  If you’re shopping for an online website builder, it’s worth an hour of your time opening a free Wix account and trying their new website builder.  The only limitation is there isn’t a blogging component, but I suggest 2 work-arounds in my Wix HTML 5 review (under my Wix HTML 5 dislikes).

What about the Wix Flash platform?

One cool thing I’ve done with the Wix Flash platform is use it to create video slides.  The graphics are so much better than PowerPoint.  With screen capture technology you can create a batch of stunning slides and create much better videos.


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