WordPress Themes for Accountants and Accounting Firms

Accountants run a business.  Businesses need websites.  Nobody wants to spend more than necessary.  Yet you want a stylish, professional, and if possible, a stunning website.

WordPress delivers on all accounts for accountants.  With a little direction (which I provide here), there are some fantastic WordPress themes for accountants.

Before I display my list of accountant WordPress themes, I’d like to set out what criteria I use to select WordPress themes for accountants.

My Accountant WordPress Theme Criteria

1.  Business website format

The first criterion I look for in suggesting an accountant WordPress theme is whether it has a professional business layout and format.  What is a business website format?

A business website format will vary somewhat from business to business; however there are some general commonalities:

a.  Slider or slideshow on the home page

Most business websites, at least contemporary websites, feature some form of slider or slide show above the fold on the home page.  The following theme (Associate by StudioPress) illustrates a slide show on the home page:

Associate WordPress theme for Accountants

The large box at the top is a slide show.  You can dictate how many slides present, the delay between slides, the transition effect, the text in the excerpt box, plus more.  By the way, the Associate theme is a wonderful theme for an accountant or accounting law firm.

b.  Static home page

Business websites typically have a static home page instead of displaying the most recent blog post.  You want to give your visitors a good overview of your accounting services and credentials all discoverable on the home page.

c.  Featured content or posts on the home page

This isn’t critical, but it’s a nice layout feature for business websites.  A featured posts or content option make it easy to display snippets of important texts and titles to your key selling articles/pages.  You want to give your website visitor a bird’s eye view of your accounting firm and featured posts/content make this easy to do.

2.  Blog Integration

I’m of the view every business website should have a blog and use it.  A blog is a powerful tool to generate new business.  There are only so many pages you can create with direct links.  Once you build too many, navigation becomes messy.  A blog is a tool for you to organize a great deal of content.  And it’s content that helps your site rank well in the search engines and attract traffic.

And because I believe having a blog is important, WordPress is a terrific platform for accountant websites.  WordPress themes come with blogging capability.

3.  Professional Design

Nothing can kill converting a website visitor as quickly as a poorly designed website.  Shabby-looking sites are bad for business. Included in a professional design is ability to add plenty of images.  Images can make or break a site.  The WordPress themes I suggest for accountants below all have the ability to display images in many locations throughout the design and layout.

It’s true there are many fantastic website designers doing incredible work, but when you get a custom design you’ll pay much more than using a professionally designed WordPress theme.

Check out the following WordPress themes for accountants and judge the design for yourself.

As an aside, I use a WordPress theme (Enterprise by StudioPress) for my offline business.  It converts visitors to clients like you wouldn’t believe.  Therefore, I’m not speculating when I say a WordPress theme works for businesses like accounting firms; I’m talking from direct experience.

WordPress Themes for Accountants

1. Enterprise Theme by StudioPress

Enterprise theme for accountants

FYI:  I use Enterprise for my offline business website.  I love it!

Click here to view Enterprise Demo

2. Deep Focus Theme by ElegantThemes

Deep Focus WP theme for accountants

Click here to view Deep Focus demo

3. Biznizz Theme by WooThemes

Biznizz theme for an accountant

Click here to visit WooThemes

4. Metric Theme by StudioPress

Metric WordPress theme for accountants

Click to view Metric demo

5. Professional Theme by ElegantThemes

Professional Theme for an accounting firm

Click to view Professional demo

6. Optimize Theme by WooThemes

Optimize WordPress theme for accountants

Click here to visit WooThemes

7. Architect Theme by iThemes

Architect Theme for accountant websites

Don’t let the name of Architect theme fool you.  Although good for architects, it’s also a great WordPress theme for Accountants.

Click here to view Architect demo

8. Kinetic Theme by RocketTheme

Kinetic WordPress theme for an accountant

Click here to view Kinetic demo

9. Manhattan Theme by StudioPress

Manhattan WordPress theme for accountants

Click here to view Manhattan demo

10. Delegate Theme by WooThemes

Delegate Theme for accountant website

Click here to visit WooThemes

11. Associate by StudioPress

WordPress themes for accountants

Click here to view a demo of Associate theme.

12.  Amplifier Theme at ThemeForest

Amplifier WordPress theme for Accountants


You can remove the purchase button.  I like this theme because it’s simple, clean and has a nice “Services” on the home page.

Click here to view a demo of the Amplifier theme.

14.  Minimum Theme by StudioPress

Minimum Theme for Accountants

Another minimum theme that can easily be dressed up or kept as a minimalist theme.

Click here to view a demo of Minimum theme.

15.  Consultant Theme by Templatic

Consultant WordPress Theme for Accountants

Click here to view a demo of the Consultant theme for accountants.

16.  Horizons Theme by Viva Themes

Horizons WP Theme for Accountants

Click here for a demo of Horizons theme.

17.  The Firm by Obox Themes

The Firm Theme for Accounting firm

Click here to view a demo of The Firm theme.

18.  Mandrake theme at Mojo Themes

Mandrake WP theme for accounting firm

You can remove the “Buy Now” button.  The slideshow transitions are great on this theme.

Click here to view a demo of Mandrake theme.

19.  Firma Theme by Bizz Themes

FirmaTheme for an Accountant

Click here to view a demo of Firma Theme.

20.  Business WordPress Themes at TemplateMonster

Get a 10% discount through this link to Template Monster.

What if you don’t want to be hedged in with a predesigned theme, but want to use WordPress?

No problem.  You have 2 options:

  1. Hire a WordPress designer to customize your chosen theme, or
  2. Get a WordPress theme builder using drag n’ drop technology and build your own custom theme.

If option 2, building your own WordPress theme with easy drag n’ drop WordPress theme building technology, then check out the following WordPress theme frameworks:

  1. Builder by iThemes (my Builder theme review)
  2. Catalyst Theme (my Catalyst theme review)
  3. Headway Themes (my Headway Themes article)
  4. DIY Thesis
  5. Artisteer (my Artisteer review).

Don’t forget about creating a Mobile-Friendly Version of your WordPress Website

Read my Handheld plugin review to learn how to create a mobile friendly version of your website in minutes (I use this for all my business mobile websites) .

Turn your Website into an iPhone App

Reach the massive and growing iPhone app market with your website. Learn about a WordPress iPhone app plugin here (again, I use this for my business websites).

A few tips for using WordPress Themes for Accountant Websites

1.  Use professional images.  Either buy some professional stock photos or get them taken.  The themes above look impressive partly due to the professional (and carefully selected) images.

2.  Take advantage of the blog.  I’m serious.  Blog as often as you can or hire someone to write fantastic articles about your accounting services.  At first it may seem a fruitless exercise, but in time as your site attracts more free traffic from the website, you’ll be eternally grateful you put the time, effort and/or expense into your accountant blog.

3.  Plan your site before you build it.  By planning I’m referring to navigation, menus, blog categories, images, your slide show, etc.  Know where you’re going with your accountant website.  Changing navigation can get messy if you do it after you’ve published a great deal of content.  It’s easier to plan first.

4.   Check out other accountant websites to see what they’re doing with respect to images, layout, and navigation.  I’m not saying copy them, but get a sense of what’s going on in the accounting industry with respect to website design.

5.  Edit your content.  If you hire a copywriter and blog writer, review their work.  Accountants work in a technical field and you don’t want misinformation published on your blog.

6.  Always be testing.  Once you get traffic, get a sense of what percentage of visitors become clients.  If it’s low (lower than 1 to 2%), then make some changes.  Track those changes and do them incrementally.  I wrote all about business website conversion here.

If you go with WordPress, you’ll be happy with it.  If you do it yourself, you’ll save a ton of money (I did).  WordPress is a great platform for accountant websites.  I hope the above suggestions give you some ideas with choosing your WordPress theme.

WordPress Themes for Accountants and Accounting Firms0Jon2011-08-09 16:53:25Accountants run a business.  Businesses need websites.  Nobody wants to spend more than necessary.  Yet you want a stylish, professional, and if po…
AccountantsWordPress Themes for Accountants and Accounting FirmsAccountants run a business.  Businesses need websites.  Nobody wants to spend more than necessary.  Yet you want a stylish, professional, and if po…

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