WordPress Themes for Chiropractors: Find a Chiropractor Theme Here

What I love about building and managing small business websites, especially websites for professionals such as chiropractors, is the opportunity to publish fantastic content for prospective customers (i.e. patients) is awesome.

Chiropractor websites can be fun by loading them with epic blog posts, cool diagrams of the anatomy, and informative videos.  A chiropractor website is an opportunity to create something truly great.  And the best part is when you publish an amazingly informative and helpful chiropractor website, you’ll attract new patients.

Great websites that rank well with epic content sell professional services automatically.

Not only will epic content sell your services, it helps your website rank in the organic listing search engines.  Epic content is a true win/win opportunity and approach to online marketing.

Please keep in mind that you shouldn’t expect every website visitor to become your patient.  That would be truly remarkable.  However, great content on small business websites that rank well in the search engines displayed on a professional-looking websites do sell well.

Is WordPress good for chiropractor websites?

Absolutely.  The WordPress platform makes adding content of all types easy … whether images, text, video, and/or audio.  Creating a new webpage is as simple as clicking “add page”, writing content, and clicking “publish.”

Okay, that’s simplified because there’s ensuring your on-site SEO is set up properly as well as uploading any desired media … but any business owner can learn how to manage a WordPress website in a day or so.

WordPress requires a theme

In order for your WordPress website to function, you need a theme.  There are free and paid themes.  I prefer paid themes.  I haven’t used a free theme in ages (I started with free themes, but found paid themes much better to work with and liked the support).

After building more than a 100 websites with WordPress and paying attention to what I consider some of my favorite theme developers, I put together a list of great WordPress themes for chiropractors.

WordPress themes for chiropractors

1. Remedy Theme by iThemes

Remedy WordPress theme for chiropractors

Remedy is a medical-style WordPress theme that would make a terrific chiropractor website.

Click here to view a demo of the Remedy theme.

2. Enterprise Theme by StudioPress

Enterprise theme for chiropractors

FYI: I use Enterprise for my offline business website. I love it!

Click here to view Enterprise Demo

3. Deep Focus Theme by ElegantThemes

Deep Focus WP theme for chiropractors

Click here to view Deep Focus demo

4. Biznizz Theme by WooThemes

Biznizz theme for an chiropractors

Click here to visit WooThemes

5. Metric Theme by StudioPress

Metric WordPress theme for chiropractors

Click to view Metric demo

6. Professional Theme by ElegantThemes

Professional Theme for chiropractors

Click to view Professional demo

7. Optimize Theme by Woo Themes

Optimize WordPress theme a chiropractor website

Click to visit WooThemes

8. Architect Theme by iThemes

Architect Theme for a chiropractor business

Don’t let the name of Architect theme fool you. Although good for architects, it’s also a great WordPress theme for chiropractors.

Click here to view Architect demo

9. Kinetic Theme by RocketTheme

Kinetic WordPress theme for chiropractors

Click here to view Kinetic demo

10. Manhattan Theme by StudioPress

Manhattan WordPress theme for chiropractors

Click here to view Manhattan demo

11. Delegate Theme by WooThemes

Delegate Theme for chiropractors

Click here to visit WooThemes

12. Associate by StudioPress

WordPress themes for chiropractors

Click here to view a demo of Associate theme.

13. Amplifier Theme at ThemeForest

Amplifier WordPress theme for chiropractors


You can remove the purchase button. I like this theme because it’s simple, clean and has a nice “Services” on the home page.

Click here to view a demo of the Amplifier theme.

14. Minimum Theme by StudioPress

Minimum Theme for chiropractors

Another minimum theme that can easily be dressed up or kept as a minimalist theme.

Click here to view a demo of Minimum theme.

15. Consultant Theme by Templatic

Consultant WordPress Theme for chiropractors

Click here to view a demo of the Consultant theme.

16. Horizons Theme by Viva Themes

Horizons WP Theme for chiropractors

Click here for a demo of Horizons theme.

17. The Firm by Obox Themes

The Firm Theme for chiropractors

Although it’s titled “Firm Theme” this theme would work nicely for a chiropractor website.

Click here to view a demo of The Firm theme.

18. Mandrake theme at Mojo Themes

Mandrake WP theme for chiropractors

You can remove the “Buy Now” button. The slideshow transitions are great on this theme.

Click here to view a demo of Mandrake theme.

19. Appointment Theme by Templatic

Appointment WordPress theme for chiropractors

Appointment comes with a built-in online scheduler if you wish to offer patients the opportunity to book their own appointments.

Click here to view a demo of Appointment theme.

20. Rejuvenate Theme by Templatic

Rejuvinate theme for chiropractor websites

Rejuvenate is designed for health and wellness websites, but it could easily be used for a chiropractor website.

Click here to view a demo of Rejuvenate theme.

21. Medical WordPress Themes at TemplateMonster

Go straight to TemplateMonster and get a 10% discount through this link to Template Monster.

What if you can’t find WordPress that’s right for your Chiropractor business website?

An alternative option is to use a WordPress theme builder and customize your own website from scratch using drag n’ drop technology.  In recent years, a few WordPress theme developers developed theme frameworks that make it easy to design and build your own WordPress theme without knowing any coding.

The following are 5 WordPress theme frameworks that non-coders can use to design their own business website:

  1. Builder by iThemes (my Builder theme review)
  2. Catalyst Theme (my Catalyst theme review)
  3. Headway Themes (my Headway Themes article)
  4. DIY Thesis
  5. Artisteer (my Artisteer review).

Your chiropractor website is a long-term marketing tool

Many small business owners, including chiropractors have a short-term view toward their website which costs them business.  The mistake they make is publishing the basic pages of a website and then never adding any more content ever again.

Websites are a never-ending canvas that can be improved and built-upon indefinitely.  I love this aspect of websites, including small business websites, because I can always improve and build something.

Your chiropractor website need not take more than 1.5 hours per week

It’s important to keep in mind that you don’t have to turn your chiropractor website into a full time job.  My approach is consistent weekly action with my clients’ small business websites.  As little as 1.5 hours per week can do wonders.  You can take 1 hour to write and publish a post, and then spend 30 minutes doing some promotion.  Probably one month won’t generate much in the way of results, but after 6 months you’ll have a sizeable and growing website that’s consistently being promoted.

If you can dedicate more time, that’s great.  If not, and you wish to build up your chiropractor website faster, consider hiring a writer.  One great writer can add high quality content and plenty of it fast.  Moreover, the cost for hiring a quality writer is likely less than your chiropractic hourly rate.  In my view, hiring a writer is a decent way to build up a chiropractor blog quickly.

That said, you need to hire the right writer … somebody who has technical knowledge about anatomy and chiropractic treatment.  Expect to pay above average rates for such a qualified writer.

Chiropractor content ideas

To get you started with building up your chiropractor website, consider the following content ideas:

Anatomy and chiropractic treatment videos

Anatomy images

Article topics:

  • Write about all types of conditions and injuries that you can treat.  Break them up into individual blog posts and articles.
  • Cover clinical studies about chiropractic treatment.
  • Write case studies and results-based articles.  Be sure to respect confidentiality and to obtain the necessary authorizations in the event you reveal a patient.  Doing this anonymously is effective as well.
  • Break up topics into sub-topics and get specific in your writing.  In my experience, offering detailed information not found elsewhere sells well.
  • Try the pillar approach.  The Pillar approach is writing a general article highlighting a series of articles linking to each more detailed, sub-topic article.  I use this method over and over on many of my websites.

Note, because chiropractors are subject to governing bodies, be sure your website and all other marketing materials comply with your governing body’s mandates and policies.

To learn what I do to promote small business websites, get my LOCAL Business Keyword Research and SEO Techniques Guide as well as several accompanying reports.

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